One on One Meeting Software for Attentive Leaders

Take meeting notes, remember commitments, and track individual goals
Become the leader your team can trust

A leader
Also a leader
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Accounts for all your team members included in your subscription!

Become the leader that
remembers everything

Easy access to all relevant info
Instantly review team member profiles, meeting notes, agreed commitments and trackable long-term goals - all on one page.
Team member page
Team Member View

Become the leader that
engages your team

Your Team Members have their own page too!
All your team members have their own account to check and edit their Goals and Commitments. They also have the ability to define the agenda of the next meeting.
But the meeting notes are kept private, accessible only to you.

Become the leader that
understands your team

Morale and Productivity Tracking
Keep an eye at the satisfaction levels of all your team members.
Monitor and act upon team satisfaction and happiness levels to reduce turnover.
Productivity chart
Meeting form

Become the leader that
asks the right questions

Library of suggested questions
Use our recommended questions to prepare for your next meeting.
Record your notes in a clear, uncluttered work area.

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Including accounts for all your team members so they can also track their Goals & Commitments!

It's all In The Name!

Our goal at One on One Meeting is to build easy-to-use tools which are specifically designed for effective leaders like you. We have a single focus - to leverage the power of one-on-one meetings and improve the lives of managers and team members world-wide!